The AirProgidy tonearm works well on suspended sub-chassis decks and has been trialled extensively on Thorens and Systemdek turntables.


Special dedicated tonearm mounts with captive nuts are supplied for mounting the AirProdigy arm on Thorens and Systemdek turntables


An ordinary aquarium pump supplies air to the airtrack. Air issues through tiny holes so the glider floats freely on the airtrack.


The glider suspends the glider-arm over the record so it traverses the record without friction.

The glider-arm has to be suspended at the right height over the record to get the correct VTA for the cartridge. Spacers between the chassis-mount and the armboard get the height roughly right then fine adjustment is achieved using the knurled ring at the base of the chassis-mount.


Getting the airtrack level is important. The turntable is roughly levelled before the tonearm is mounted and then the airtrack is levelled with the grub screw on the side of the chassis-mount.

The 3D-printed tonearm is made from low-resonance hard nylon. It is lead-weighted under the 2-point suspension and has a sliding, lockable counterweight. A simple jig is supplied along with digital scales to set the tracking weight. 


Cueing is achieved by the arm-lift bar acting on the back of the glider-arm.

The tonearm leads are dressed above the arm-lift bar and plug into the connector box mounted behind (or on the back of) the turntable. This also channels the air supply to the arm.